Friday, October 28, 2005

HKHA Representatives

We have 14 teams competing in the Open category (Any given combination with at least one harmonica as lead-instrument):

Astro Duet (2)
Members: KHT, TWK

ACL and WCW (2)
Members: ACL, Wesley

Double C (2)
Members: IKM, YTY

Dreamy Duet (2)
Members: Bosco, LKS

Harmony (2)
Members: LCO, WSY

HK Harmonica Music Center Duet (2)
Members: HWT, Andy

HKCE (2)
Members: Clement, LIC

Hui King's Harmonica Duet (2)
Members: HK, Cecilia

Hui King's Harmonica Quartet (4)
Members: ACL, Crystal, HK, Wesley

K2C3 (7)
Members: Tony, HLS, MW, Vincent, David, MKH, Louisa

King's Duet (2)
Members: LMT, LKC

Overpowering Duet (2)
Members: FPY, WST

T.W.C.W (2)
Members: CSL, Wesley

YueMan (2)
Members: LPY, WCM


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