Saturday, November 12, 2005

Steffen Kreuzer Solo

Hui King's Quartet of Hong Kong

Dreamy Duet of Hong Kong

HKCE Duet of Hong Kong

YueMan Duet of Hong Kong

ACL and WCW Duet of Hong Kong

Hui King's Duet of Hong Kong

T.W.C.W of Hong Kong

Friday, November 11, 2005

At the Second Break Time

Many of the Hong Kong team competitors are late due to parallel competition sessions. Vincent works out with Johnny the list of those who have already arrived, and report the situation to the jury.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Philip Achile Solo of Great Britain

Grace Tan & Bertram Lee Duet of Singapore

Rodrigo Eisinger or Brazil

Omri Morag & Menushe Ramot of Israel

They use plug-in microphones for their chromatic harps.

K2C3 of Hong Kong

The First 20-minute Break

The K2C3 team got ready for the play and waits for the announcer to announce their number.

Hong Kong Harmonica Music Centre Duet

Some Corners of the Competition Site

Tu Tu Duet of Korea

Harmonica Wags of Germany

This creative trio team uses drum, blues harp, tuba, and guitar. The two blues harp players on each side play their harps on racks, which means they sometomes play two instruments simultaneously. They also sing during the performance.

Tinus & Ludo of Belgium

This duet starts with a single bass and a double bass, and then one of the players switched to a blues harp.

Friday, October 28, 2005

HKHA Representatives

We have 14 teams competing in the Open category (Any given combination with at least one harmonica as lead-instrument):

Astro Duet (2)
Members: KHT, TWK

ACL and WCW (2)
Members: ACL, Wesley

Double C (2)
Members: IKM, YTY

Dreamy Duet (2)
Members: Bosco, LKS

Harmony (2)
Members: LCO, WSY

HK Harmonica Music Center Duet (2)
Members: HWT, Andy

HKCE (2)
Members: Clement, LIC

Hui King's Harmonica Duet (2)
Members: HK, Cecilia

Hui King's Harmonica Quartet (4)
Members: ACL, Crystal, HK, Wesley

K2C3 (7)
Members: Tony, HLS, MW, Vincent, David, MKH, Louisa

King's Duet (2)
Members: LMT, LKC

Overpowering Duet (2)
Members: FPY, WST

T.W.C.W (2)
Members: CSL, Wesley

YueMan (2)
Members: LPY, WCM

Thursday, October 27, 2005

HK delegation in World Harmonica Festival 2005: Competition and Workshop Timetable

HK delegation in World Harmonica Festival 2005: Competition and Workshop Timetable